Artificial Insemination Training and Certification

This certification program is a partnership of The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, Middle Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center, The University of Tennessee Department of Animal Science, and Premier Select Sires to add value to cattle production through improved reproductive management. Link Pointer Informational Brochure

Benefits of A.I.

AI Class
  • Improved Genetics
    Using semen from proven A.I. sires allows for more rapid genetic improvement by accessing bulls that would be too expensive to obtain otherwise.
  • Bio-security
    Artificial insemination is ideal for closed herds that need fresh genetics without purchasing sires. Frozen semen from reputable companies is subject to strict health and disease prevention standards.
  • Enhanced Fertility
    Managing cattle for optimum A.I. performance concentrates the calving season so that the calf crop is more uniform, older and heavier at weaning and overall, more valuable.
  • Increased Profit
    Several economic studies have proven that A.I. with estrous synchronization generates more profit for purebred and commercial cattle production.
  • Defined Calving Season
    AI can dramatically shift the calving distribution of a herd using estrus synchronization protocols.

Registration Information

Upcoming Trainings

This training program is currently not being offered. We will announce future trainings when available. Please contact your UT Extension County Agent for other opportunities to learn about applied reproductive technologies in beef cattle management.

For more information or to be added to the waiting list, please contact Ashley Savage

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