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Our Mission

The mission of the Center is to facilitate research and communication of science-based information to advance the Tennessee beef and forage industry.

The Vision

The Center will function as an “information hub” serving all in the Tennessee beef and forage industries. Secondly, the Center will serve as a focal point and catalyst for research, extension, and teaching efforts related to issues facing beef and forage systems in Tennessee.


The goals of the Center are to:

  • Continuously assess the informational needs of Tennessee beef producers, county educators and other clientele through active engagement,
  • Facilitate the exchange of research-based information pertaining to beef and forage systems in Tennessee and the Southeast,
  • Foster collaborative, interdisciplinary research to enhance Tennessee beef and forage systems,
  • Promote and facilitate educational activities relevant to Tennessee beef and forage systems.

Core Principles

The Center’s core principles flow from the need to facilitate information exchange with the Tennessee beef industry, including producers, organizations and agencies, and industry-related businesses.  The term “exchange” is an important component of the Center’s principles with information being shared between all relevant parties, including through “in-coming” and “out-going” information about research needs and results.

The Center’s web site, primarily a web-based portal, will include the capability to receive questions, comments, and information from web site users. The Center will assist in coordinating and providing a team approach to research and extension activities rather than directing faculty research priorities.


Efforts of the center include hosting annual meetings to access producer, industry, and stakeholder needs in the beef and forage industry. This includes aligning the visions and projects within The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture across multiple disciplines and areas such as UT Extension and UT AgResearch.

The center also provides access to faculty, staff and students to a forage laboratory for processing samples and other project related activities. Additional efforts include hosting an annual student research symposium and participation in field days and other educational opportunities across the state and beyond.

The UT Beef & Forage Center is actively participating and are currently working with the U.S. Rountable for Sustainable Beef to help cattle producers evaluate how their current management practices impact their ability to continue profitable cattle farming for future generations. We are working to ensure that cow-calf producers have a voice in describing sustainability and are prepared for a beef market that rewards sustainably produced calves. Then, provide training in the areas that need additional attention to improve economic, generational, and natural resource sustainability.

The Advisory Council

Our advisory council is comprised of industry representatives, producers, researchers, Extension agents, and stakeholders.

We meet annually to discuss and provide guidance on what programs are needed in our state and what the UT Beef & Forage Center can do to provide support.

Advisory Council

Bruno C. Pedreira Profile Page
Bruno C. Pedreira
Associate Professor & Director, Plant Sciences
David McIntosh Profile Page
David McIntosh
Coordinator III, Plant Sciences

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