Tennessee Forage & Grassland Council

The Tennessee Forage & Grassland Council is a state affiliate of the American Forage & Grassland Council that specifically focuses on practices that livestock producers can use to be more efficient in their forage programs. With Tennessee ranking 11th in the nation in the use of farmland to produce hay or for actively grazing livestock this council provides targeted meetings to discuss this agricultural commodity by presenting emerging issues, industry trends, and opportunities for improving forage management.

To join TFGC, please contact:

Rebekah Norman
UT Extension- Rutherford County
P: 615-898-7710

Executive Committee
  • President- Andy Ulmer
  • Vice President- Rebekah Norman
  • Secretary and Treasurer- Gary Bates
  • Vice-President Elect- Bryan Johnson
Board of Directors
  • Reyes Rich
  • Martin Haggard
  • Bryan Johnson
  • Ben Neale
  • Jerry McFarland
  • Andy Ulmer
  • Brian White
  • Bronson Bass
  • Bill Bracy
  • Bill Legg
  • Greg Aston
  • Rebekah Norman
Technical Advisory Committee
  • Bruno Pedreira
  • Katie Mason
  • Rob Ellis
  • Tammy Swihart
  • Renata Oaks
  • Gary Bates

Link Pointer TFGC Annual Meeting Presentations